Thank you, Oracle

So, I have an amazing connection with Oracle cards.  They provide me with such amazing guidance and affirmative responses and reminders – exactly when I need them.

My question today was about my spiritual path and seeking new ways to open up my intuition.  I asked “What blocks are keeping me from increasing my intuitive abilities?”

I used Colette Baron-Reid’s Oracle decks – Wisdom of the Oracle.  This is one of my favorite go-to decks.

The 3 answers were:

Observer: It is an advantageous time for you to get some distance from what you’re doing and see your work and your projects from a different perspective. The trick is to connect to the essence of your goals and aspirations and let the form and timing be dictated by Spirit. You may be too personally attached to an outcome and can’t see the miracle because it’s not turning out exactly as you planned. Trust Spirit. The perfect version of your abundance is right in front of you. Remain neutral and curious, and watch the miracle unfold.

Here and Now: Being fully present in the moment; living one day at a time.
Everything happens in the now, in the present moment. Only this moment counts. You have what it takes to handle anything today if you let go of the need to look into the future or past. Be present and notice what is going on right now. This very moment has everything you need to create miracles in your life.

Serendipity: You’ve stepped into alignment with the greater good, where your dreams and the collective dream resonate together in exquisite harmony. Now is the time for luck and preparation to meet and create miracles that you could never have planned all by yourself. Keep in mind that you are a channel for providence right now, as a higher energy and life force uses you on behalf of the whole world. Your fortune becomes all our fortune. Everything you bring into being now will leave a wondrous legacy for others in the future. Your service to the world is being supported at this time. Expect the unexpected. And smile, for Spirit loves you so very much.

All so appropriate and again, so much of what I kind of already knew.  I just needed a nudge and reminder from time to time.

So…observe, stay present and look for signs!  Check check and check!

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